Behind the movie “Through the Eyes of a Child” lies a whole educational project. The film itself as well as the making-of will be shown to pupils from the sixth grade of primary schools and to students from the first grade of secondary schools in various theatres throughout Wallonia. The screenings will be followed by a discussion/debate over the protection of natural resources during which film director Sébastien Pins and professionals working for the preservation of our Belgian forests will share their knowledge and answer questions.

With the support of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium through its "Plant a tree" scheme, half a day of field experience in the forest will also be offered. Each participating child will be given the opportunity to plant a tree or perform various forestry tasks, becoming a real guardian of the forest.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults! Giving them the opportunity to act for nature preservation will enable them to take a new look at our forests and become their future defenders.

Teaching staff will be offered the DVD of the film together with an educational kit designed to spark off a debate on forest protection and sustainable natural resources management.

Discover an educational project designed to help the younger generation to take care of the fate of our forests while planting trees.